Monday, May 11, 2009


Hello Everyone. Welcome to my Blog, which includes; 3D modeling, texturing, and 2D illustrations. Thank you for visiting my page.

Aero-Stryder: All Terrain Craft

Erganomix: Erganomic Video Game Controller

This controller utilizes all 10 fingers

-Minimal Fingure movement

-Does not require any wrist movements that can contribute to carpal tunnel.

-Winghooks(Located above pinky fingures): Allow the controller to be held in midair while freeing all fingures from any strenuous position.

Flobos - 3D Model (textured)

This character is a Cow-Alien hybrid.
This character is a Cow-Alien hybrid.

Hydrax - Cybornetic Alien

Chewpa Cabra

Mutant Chewing-Gum Blob

Illustrations and Enviroments